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" Last October I found there was a small lump on my left hip and felt a bit uncomfortable. I was busy in my work so did not worry too much. While it was getting bigger, I suffered a fever immediately. I had to visit my GP. She examined my condition carefully and then arranged a series of laboratory tests for me. She also prescribed some anti-bacteria tablets to me. I followed her instructions to take medicine regularly. However, the lump did not become smaller and the symptoms persisted. In the meantime, there were also ulcers in my mouth. It was so painful that I could not eat or drink easily. Then I went to see a consultant. The consultant also did not know what the cause of the symptom was and could not do anything effective to get rid of it.

I also visited Tong Ren Tang clinic, the Chinese Medicine Centre, in China Town, London. A Chinese doctor prescribed some herbal medicine to me, and asked me to cook and drink herbal tea.

I did follow whatever those doctors/consultant instructed me to do in the hope that I could become better. However, my symptoms were still the same as before. I was really disappointed with the result and did not know what to do next.

One day, I visited Dr Fang at the Acupuncture and Herbs clinic, 17 High Street, Chalfont St Peter. Dr Fang examined me carefully, and asked me to stop taking all of the medicines I had. She thought the lump on my left hip is a kind of subcutaneous infection, called Phlegmonous inflammation. She says if using strong antibacterial medicine for a long time, the balance of bacteria groups in the body could be destroyed and thrush will happen.

Then on the first visit, I got my first session of acupuncture treatment from Dr Fang. Amazingly, six hours later, my body temperature dropped down to normal, which gave me confidence that Dr Fang is the person who can help me! Then I followed her advice and got acupuncture and herbal remedies from her. Dr Fang treated me twice a week, and gradually the problems I had went away from me.

I can't believe what a difference it has made to my life and my well-being in the last 4 months. Now I have got my normal life back.

Thank you, Dr Fang! "

Professor Z Luo, Surrey (Feb 14, 2009)