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" Dear Dr Fang, On behalf of my mother Kitty and our entire family, please accept my utmost gratitude for curing Mum of the severe psoriasis that has plagued her for the past 4 years. If people could have seen how bad she was on her 1st visit and look at her now, they would be amazed at the difference — I only wish we had taken photographs. You were Mum ’s last resort, I only wish we had contacted you sooner. Her quality of life has improved dramatically."

Barbara Lee, Liverpool, Merseyside

" Dear Dr Fang, I'm writing to let you know just how well my psoriasis is doing since I started using your medicine. As you know, I've had the psoriasis very badly for over four years now and I have been through uncountable creams and treatments from my G.P. none of these seemed to work and my Doctor even told me that they did not have a cure for my psoriasis. Then I turned to your herbal medicines. You were very helpful to me in helping me cure my problem and I started taking one of your herbal mixtures and later the tablets, which, about a fortnight, showed improvement. As you know I had the psoriasis on both arms (mainly my left), on my scalp and even on my legs and you saw yourself how bad this was. Well, I'm pleased to say that now my arms and legs are almost bare and there are only the slightest traces of my ever having the psoriasis. Before I came to see you it was getting worse and worse. Thanks to your help and your herbal medicines, I can relax again, knowing that my problem is almost cured. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all of your help and let you know that I will be recommending your treatments to my friends and family, and should another major problem occure with my skin, I know where to go. Thank you again."

Phillip Glass, Liverpool, Merseyside