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" June:
Dr Yiping Fang is a wonderful warm, giving, lovely and uniquely gifted human being. I found benefits from her acupuncture treatment within a very short time of visiting her. I have experienced neck problems after a severe head injury for thirty-seven years. After a few sessions, I had greater flexibility, and a wider range of movement. I felt much better. My energy was returning. My most exciting discovery was yesterday when I realised that the sensation was diffenrt in the tips of my fingers in my right hand. I could play a gentle passage in Debussy ’s " Clair de Lune " as the music told me it should go. Amazing! I was originally told that I should never be able to play the piano again. I am holding my breath, as I shall visit her again when I return from holiday.

I returned from holiday in mid-July with health problems. It is now mid August. I have had four weeks of treatment of acupuncture, twice-weekly, and herbal medicine. Apparently, I am told that it is the regular and accumulative treatment that is likely to be effective. The difference it has made to my health and energy levels is remarkable. I had two young grand-children for the weekend recently, (and again this coming weekend), and coped much better than usual. I had a bonfire and curry party with two families and their children, and thoroughly enjoyed it instead of my usual exhaustion. I have gardened, raked leaves, and been generally busy for many hours. I have slept better too, which has made an enormous difference. I can think more clearly. The range of movement and tension in my neck has improved. Perhaps best of all, and I can hardly believe it, is the return of both control and greater sensation in my right hand which now enables me to play Mozart maybe as Mozart intended it should go! I can even play chromatic passages with a zip. Every time I go to the piano, I cannot stop smiling. I also have a gammy right leg from my head injury. I am hopeful that the sensation may return there too one day. I fully recommend Dr Yiping Fang whose skills have made such an enormous difference to my enjoyment of life.

Energy levels have metamorphosed. I cannot believe where the spark has come from. However, it is fizzing around, and has made it possible for me to have a meal out with friends last night, to seemingly cope with the noise in the restaurant, sleep well, wake early, garden for over two hours this morning, and be here waiting to go to the theatre. Wow! Long may it last. Life is so much more rewarding when you feel like I feel today. Yiping’s unique skills have enabled me to feel amazingly good for about three weeks now.
As for the piano, I played a little this morning in a completely different way. My husband noticed the difference. I cannot believe that I can now make the music speak like never before! "

Mrs Sheila Ross, Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire

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